10-Ton Hydraulic Rosin Press

10 Ton Mini Rosin Extractor

Mini Hydraulic Rosin Press - Paired with 10-Ton Hydraulic Pump



  • Durable Mini Rosin Press - Made of Ultra-Strong Stainless-Steel Frame & Anodized Aluminum Plates, Capable of 10-tons of Pressing Force in a Small Form Factor.  Unit Height Comparable to a 2 Liter Drink Bottle.
  • Food-grade Working Surface - Anodized Food-Grade Working Surface Ensures the Best Flavor and Easy Cleanup.
  • Accurate Temp Delivered - Independent Heating Rods & Sensors Guarantee the Temperature is Accurately Detected & Delivered.
  • Perfect Evenly Lineup - Top and Bottom Platen Remain in Perfect Alignment Through Pressing.
  • Pressing Material of 3.5-28g - 3x5" Rosin Plate Size is Well Suited to Most Rosin Extraction Filters.
  • 10-Ton Pressure of Force - Integrated 10-ton Hydraulic Ram includes 3/8" Screw Thread ONLY.  To Pair with 8-10 ton Hydraulic Pump (NO PUMP Included),  Please Procure 3/8" Stand Coupler and Hydraulic Pump by Yourself or Try Our dp-cp390 Hydraulic Pump, Sold Separately.
  • Great Insulation Performance - Dual Insulation Layers Allows the Rosin Press Plates to Achieve 200 F in 10 -15 Minutes and Protect the Machine from Heat-draining.


  • Temperature Range: 0-399F
  • Power: 500 Watts
  • Voltage: 110 Volts [220 Volts Is Available on Official Store]
  • Total Weight: lbs
  • Packing Size:
  • Pressing Area: 3" x 5"

Packing List:

  • 1 x Hydraulic Rosin Press Kit
  • 1 x Rosin PID Temp Controller Box
  • 1 x Manual Instruction
  • 1 x Non-stick Silicon Mat


  • Highly Recommend to Watch Videos about "How To Use Rosin Press Bag and Pre-Press Mold Effectively" from Our Website
  • Highly Recommend Dabpress dp-cp390 Hydraulic Pump to Pair with This Hydraulic Press Kit
  • Recommend dp-pm3015r Cylinder Pre-press Mold to Pair with this Hydraulic Rosin Press Kit
  • Recommend dp-bt160ns Rosin Press Filters - 160 micron bag.