Warranty Policy:

About Our Rosin Caged Cubes & Rosin Press Plates:

Rosin plates and frames are made of 6061 aluminum, stainless steel and nickel-plated springs. It will never break if used under rated tonnage ( less than 20 tons) and not get rusty in proper use.


They are solid and sturdy, and will last for years! 


For heat insulation, we suggest you to choose solid wood plank (recommend approx 3x3″ FR4 plank) to place between the top-platen of caged cube and hydraulic ram. But please be reminded that the FR4 plank isn't needed except for long pressing efforts of one hour or more.


Point the hydraulic ram at the center of top-platen or align bottom-platen and top-platen before starting to work. 


To prevent accidental sliding of the rosin plates, please put the silicon mat between the bamboo plank and hydraulic working table for your safety. We've considered to attach silicon mat in the future. 


About Our Rosin Temp Controller Box:


Rosin temp controller box is made of aluminum housing, stainless steel heating rods, relays, sensor and switches. You'll see the heating rod and sensor are separated to deliver and detect accurate temperature. 


We have abandoned the benefits E-nail/XLR 5-pin compatibility offers to provide the most durable Rosin Temp Controller Box.  Due to the design of temp controller boxes utilizing an XLR connector, the connector could be damaged much easier than ours. Read here about our design of rosin temp controller box and cabling. 


Usually, you'll put the temp controller box on top of a hydraulic shop press.  It is at a high risk that it may drop down to the floor accidentally. So please secure it on the hydraulic shop press if you could. 


Notice before Use: 


Non Waterproof 


Do Not Power On the Rosin Control Box When the Heating Rod Is Still in the Air, Only Do It When It's Inserted into Plates.


Warranty - Anodized Rosin Plates: 


One year warranty for the springs, plate and cage.

One year warranty for rosin temp controller box.

After the warranty period expires, you only need to pay 50% to get a new temp controller box.


Warranty - Pneumatic Rosin Press: 


Six months warranty. 




Return policy read here.


We don’t sell our rosin control box individually unless you bought a rosin press kit from us.

Usually American customers could get new replacement temp controller box from our amazon warehouse. 

You need to provide us your order number, telephone number and advise from which platform you made the purchase.

You have to pay shipping cost if it has been more than 90 days since the date of shipping for a new replacement temp controller box.

You need to send us the video & picture [ temp controller box doesn't work ] to help us improve quality.

You can get free parts of the temp controller box if you want to fix it by yourself.

The warranty stands if you purchase your kit from our official website or our amazon store.


Email us to get promo code before you order.

Return Policy:

A Returned Must Be Requested For ALL Returns.
Returns Will ONLY Be Accepted Within 15 Days.
10% Restocking Fee Requested That Returned Items That Are Not Defective Must Be In New Unopened Condition.
 Any Package That is Refused or Undelivered Due to Insufficient or Invalid Address, or Marked As Unclaimed, is Subject To a 10% Restocking Fee.
10% Restocking Fee If It is Not Our Mistake Such As (Wrong Item, broken Item, defective items, etc...)
Refund is Only For Purchased Item Price (Not Including Shipping Charge).
Defective Item Return. You Pay Nothing (But Please Send Us Pictures Or Videos For Improving Our Quality).
Refund Will Be Processed Within 1-2 Business Day

Shipping Policy:



Domestic Destination: Continental United States. 

Global Destination:  Canada, Mexico,European Union, Australia, New Zealand and Russia.

Handling Time


All Orders Will Be Handled In 1-2 Business Days Once Payment Completed.

We Ship Out From Monday To Friday.  



Continental United States  -Each Item That Is Purchased Can Ship From LVW Or NYW By USPS Standard, UPS, DHL And FedEx Priority.

Australia -Each Item That Is Purchased Can Ship From SAW by AusPost Or TNT.

Most Europe -Each Item That Is Purchased Can  Ship From FGW Deutsche Post Or DHL Standard.

Other Shipping --Each Item That Is Purchased Can Ship From FCW By DHL Priority.

NOTE: Each Item That Is Purchased Possibly Ship From FCW Once There Is Out Of Stock In The Warehouse By DHL Priority. We Promise 3-Day Shipping In Normal Condition. 



All Packages Are Shipped In a Plain Unmarked Brown External Box With Our Barcode label. 

The Shipping Label Will Include Your name, Address, And A Return Address.



3-5 Business Days For US Domestic Order (Including Shipping From Factory Center Warehouse)

3-5 Business Days For International Order 



Please Ensure That the Correct Shipping Address is Provided Upon Placement Of Your Order. 

You will Automatically Receive An Email Receipt Once Your Payment Has Been Processed.