3x7" 90 Micron Rosin Bags

Long Rosin Press Bags

3x7" 90 Micron Rosin Bags - 25 Bags Per Pack



  • Item No.: dp-b90n37
  • Item Shape: Stitched L-Shaped Rectangle 
  • Material: Heat-Resistant Nylon Mesh
  • Package Quantity: 25Pcs
  • Micron: 90µ
  • Color: White / Dye Free


  • 3x7" 90 Micron to Get High Yield in Rosin Extraction.
  • Paired with 2x3",3x3",3x4",3x5" and 3x6" Filter Bags, Paired with Dabpress' Universal Rosin Mold
  • Commercial Use to Be Paired with 3x7" or 4x7" Heated Plates.
  • Strong Stitching Design Helps to Prevent Breakage and Blowouts
  • Heat-Resistant Nylon Rated Up To 300°F/150°C
  • Dye-Free


  • Do Not Recommend to Use for Manual Rosin Press.
  • Paired with 3x5" or 3x7,4x7" Rosin Press Plates.