Homemade Rosin Press

How to Make Weed Dabs at Home With a Rosin Press?

I tried my hand at Rosin Extraction, I used to press buds for marijuana wax using just a hair straightener. Now more and more innovative rosin press is upcoming for my choice!


How to pick up proper rosin press, read my buying guide:


Manual Rosin Press 

  • Price: $299 - $500
  • Running Pressure: 300 - 700 Pounds [ Someone promise 2 Ton pressure delivered, Honestly, it is no way ]
  • Heated Plates Size: 3x3" or 3x5"
  • Suited to 1-7g material. Don't suggest to press rosin filter bags, it will decrease your yield.

Hydraulic Jack Rosin Press

  • Price: $350 - $700
  • Running Pressure: 3 - 10 ton pressure of force, it is easy to get 1,000 PSI at the end of rosin bags
  • Heated Plates Size: 3x3", 3x5", 4x7"
  • Maximize your yield for 1-28g material.

DIY Rosin Press

  • Price: $300 - $400
  • Running Pressure: 3-6 ton pressure if choose 6 ton A-frame hydraulic press
  • Heated Plates Size: 3x3" 
  • Suited to less than 28g material, it also works great with bubble hash, dry sift etc.


Enjoy Your Time!